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An exposition of Love by (Al-Sheikh Al-Akbar) Muhyeddin Ibn Arabi and my translation:

الشوقُ يسكن باللقاء ، والاشتياقُ يهيج بالالتقاء .. ما عرف الاشتياق إلا العشَّاق .. للنار التهابٌ وَمَلَكَه ، فلابد من الحركة ، والحركة قلق ، فمن سكن ، ما عشق .. كيف يصحُّ السكون ، وهل فى العشق كُمون؟ هو كلُّه ظهور ، ومقامُه نشور

Longing comes to rest with meeting,
But yearning only gets stronger with it.
Only lovers know yearning.
When its fire blazes and holds sway,
Then motion is a must,
And motion unsettles,
So he who settles or rests is not in Love.
How can rest be possible?
Is Love ever still?
It’s all emergence and its province a resurrection.

In a related line of thought, Ibn Arabi also said that “The principle of the universe is movement. If it stops moving, it will return to non-existence.” You can read this below which I found here.