A name/word is a loud cry for infinity, for immortality, for the soul.

Here are pieces from Gamal Al-Ghitany’s Rinn which is all about names/words. I also wrote a review earlier if you want to know more about this travel journal/philosophical journey.

لم يبقى مني إلا الأسم، ليس مني فقط، إنما من سائر الموجودات، جميع الطرق و المسالك، الجهات، ما ينبت و ما يولد، ما ينتهي و ما يرحل، ما يطل و ما ينزع، و بقدر قوة الإسم يكون التحقق و حل المشكل، و كذا تصور الممكن

or: “Only the name is what remains of me, not just of me but of all beings; all roads, paths and directions; all what is planted and what is born; all what ends and what departs; all what lingers and what is plucked out. All this is nothing but names, and the stronger the name, the stronger the certainty, the solutions and the imagining of possibilities.”


About Isis, he writes: “In her dissociation is my annihilation, and in her union is the completion of the name, which is my pursuit.”

How does the name giver know and understand that the name is complete? When is Isis united or whole? Isis says in one of her songs that

يوم أُفنى كُلَّ ما خلقت

يعودُ الوجود محيطاً بلا نهاية

وأعودُ كما كنتُ دوماً


عصية على الأفهام

“The day I destroy all I have created,

Being will return an infinite ocean,

and I will return, as I always were,

a serpent

beyond the grasp of understanding.”

This means that realizing this process of completion must occur outside the realm of the mind! The pursuit doesn’t end there. A new road opens.

And the holy passage to this new road happens after all her creation is destroyed and when infinity reigns all understanding/Being.

She says “the day I destroy,” but it’s really the observer/seeker who destroys their own creations. This can only mean one thing: at the point of destruction the person and Isis are one.

Also the serpent she returns to afterwards is nothing new to her, but is new to the person because then and only then the serpent becomes beyond the person’s understanding. Some of what seemed understandable before, now ceases to be so.

The naming of names is the soul uncovering itself and Isis completing herself.