I wrote this piece with discovery/Aletheia in mind but in retrospect it reads like something on quantum physics. Leibniz is entangled inside my thoughts again. This is so messed up but here it is anyway.




Near yet far, clear yet blurry, one yet many.

Too many to count and too many to uncount.

How much light has gone by without an eye to see it? How much light will go by without an eye to see it?

I can almost touch you but then it is not you anymore. I can almost see you but then my eyes are not my eyes anymore.

I change you and you change me.

A glimpse is all I can know.

But what are all these glimpses and where do they come from?

A glimpse is all I can’t know.

A steady gaze is what I want. To be immersed in light. To be baptized in it. To be blinded by it.

To really see.

Then change wouldn’t be pure anymore because what’s pure doesn’t really change.

Then what’s near would be not far, what’s clear not blurry, and the one not many.

And time (and space) would be the pure illusion it seems.