After reading two pieces about love by Mary and Koty, which should be linked soon, I was reminded of a basic characteristic of love and it was so shocking to me, and more shocking to remember how I used to view it earlier in my life, and this is: 

Love can’t be bought.

It also can’t be sold. Even if you try to sell your love, you can’t.

Therefore, it can’t be negotiated. There is no economy and there is no measure of love. Like St. Augustine used to say: “the only measure of love is to love without measure.”

It is also not a gift. A gift of love is pity. Charity is not love in my dictionary which is not the case for some Catholics.

It is almost forced on the lover. It is the neon light photons that a fly can’t help but be attracted to to meet its end in their source.

Does this mean love has an element of blindness to it? Must it have an element of blindness?

It is the connection between the lovers. And the blindness is perhaps the imperfection of communication? Or perhaps the effect of the lovers being always inside their love, and never observing it from the outside?

Can anyone observe their love from the outside? I think not.

Love is an enclosure. It’s also a liberation.

Love is an exile. Love is freedom.

A liberation from what? From which prison? And freedom to where? I would love to hear what everyone who reads this thinks love liberates or frees them from and where it leads them.