So with the light of the new fatwa upon us, it is now “religiously acceptable for a woman to have her hymen surgically reconstructed”. They used religiously as in within Islam’s “doctrines of course.

Here is a Daily Star Egypt article by Yasemine Saleh on the new fatwa. Mark Trodden from Cosmic Variance has already blogged about this. Here was my comment on it for you viewing pleasure:

I am all for the conclusion and the application of this “fatwa”, but the reasoning behind it is just hideous.

El Gindy’s quote from Daily Star Egypt is: “Islam never differentiates between men and women, so it is not rational for us to think that God has placed a sign to indicate the virginity of women without having a similar sign to indicate the virginity of men.”

Islam does differentiate between men and women. But even if it doesn’t, what does God putting signs on the bodies of men and women have to do with the issue? Since when was it up to Muslims to know what is rational for God to do or not? The God of Islam and His commands are not subject to the laws of logic and reason, the last time I checked.

Another example is Gomaa’s quote from the same Daily Star Article: “If God wants us to know everything about each other, He would have given us the ability to read each others’ minds, so why did he not do so? ”

This is just a bunch of cooked up rhetoric, plain and simple. I say unless Islam makes a very clearly stated doctrine which may be questioned or consulted, every “mufti”, Grand or not, will come up with a new “fatwa” for every day of the year. I am glad this “fatwa”, as Mark says, a bit of progress, and I can only hope that next “fatwa” from a bigger “mufti” will not contradict it.

It is not surprise that the word “fatwa” in current colloquial Egyptian Arabic means something like “non-trustworthy news or advice either in content or source.” In the Egyptian slang, it is more like “bullshit.”