Yesterday was a totally male-dominant world and men used to set the rules. In some cultures/traditions/religions they were considerate and they chose to respect women, be it out of humanity or fear of God and His judgment. (If you don’t believe me, here is evidence that this consideration and mercy is well and alive to our presently “free” age. It is not far from a totally male-dominant world today but some cultures/traditions/religions follow the steps of their forefathers in these time honored practices of women abuse, I mean women respect. Some of the followers of such communities, however, deviate and they sometimes go ahead and improvise on these set rules of mercy, and they take them to a higher level. One example of such practices is this: a guy throwing his wife (I am only assuming) out of a window. I am sure this happened after she did something terrible, like cheated on him but clearly he was man enough to spare her the shame and end the whole story mercifully. How could she and her family face life with a scare so ugly like a cheating incidence. Hell! this scare is uglier than a family member murdering another.

In all seriousness, women should stand up against any doctrine (call it brought down on us by God or politically cooked up) that allows for women abuse. Western feminists have written milestones in the book of freedom of sexuality and sexual expression. But I feel no serious questioning into the doctrines/practices which have allow for abuse of their women. The question should be “Does your religion approve of physical treatment of women?” If so, re-consider it. This is the stronger version of the question ” Does your religion view women as unequal to men, does it assign them a social role inferior to men?”

It is ridiculous that this is an issue today. But if anyone thinks his/her religious truths are above reason and must be taken for granted, and his (her) God approves of treating women this way (or being treated this way), then I can’t change their mind about it by argument. The question must be “Do I accept to live with someone with such religious views?” This is not discriminatory to any religion. This is against a community with an unchanging set of beliefs who don’t question their own rules, and violently inhibit the questions of others. More on such views later.