About a month ago I have heard about Windows Vista’s release and I wanted to see the new look that people have been talking about in most reviews I came across, not to mention the ads of course. Then, I stumbled upon one of the videos showing its new features while I am roaming the YouTube world, and I also got to use it about 2 weeks ago (I know it was released a few days ago or so but apparently the computer lab I was in had it beforehand) , and …

It is unbelievably ridiculous. Microsoft has definitely done it this time. They have exactly COPIED most of the cool differences between their Windows and Mac OS 10.4 Tiger and are selling it as their new Windows Vista. It even comes complete with all your favorite OS X color schemes set as Vista’s defaults. Microsoft should use this latter as their marketing tagline. It took them a long time to figure out how Tiger and its predecessors were made. If you haven’t seen Vista’s “new” features, you haven’t missed much since they are all already in Tiger. This is definitely a case of the amazing becoming the obvious and the standard of the industry and no thanks to the Windows Vista’s “creation” team (read copy machines). Even though Vista does indeed boast a few changes from Tiger, I found them not useful and actually sometimes annoying.

Apple’s reaction to Vista tells it all. My friend Ayman told me that Microsoft has been copying ideas of everybody since a long time ago, so I can imagine that Apple have at least done this kind of make-fun-of-Microsoft video a few times before. I have to get it to them though, they are still creative doing it.

There is a lot of such videos on YouTube showing how Vista is really Tiger. A good one is where a Windows Vista speaker listing its new features is showcased step-by-step on a Mac OS Tiger.

Mac fans, I am sure, will be much happier when Mac OS 10.5 Leopard is released, hopefully by late March this year!