I think it is a good idea for a first blog to be not so specific. But still, I expect that I will be blogging about a bunch of stuff more than others. For the most part it will be about interesting conversations I get into on physics, philosophy, politics, or religion. I absolutely love a good conversation on any of these topics and when I come across one of those, I will definitely make sure you know all the fun details. I must say though that I sometimes wander with only a compass in hand.

Oh yeah and school has started for me but I will try to keep up with a promise of at least two posts a week!

Let me end this with something interesting. The header photo of this blog is a cropped version of Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s “Country Road at Dusk”. It is part of “Turkey Cinemascope” his latest fine art photographs exhibition. You can find some of the exhibition here. He is a famous Turkish director (actually his movies are kind of his photos: gloomy and distant yet feels so close). Anyway, this collection has already been exhibited in Greece Nov. 2006, and also as his website says it runs “from Monday 22nd January to Saturday 3rd March 2007 at the prestigous National Theatre of London in the South Bank.” He was only famous for directing, but I guess he is making in photography now as well. What really attracted me to his photos is his panoramic style. I felt like there is so much landscape to travel within but no will to go anywhere. There is this heaviness in it. It weighs me down a little. I don’t know why or how it does it. (I haven’t seen something like it before; if you know of anything similar, please let me know).

Damn it. You are still here even after this long first piece. I guess I must try harder on the next posts. :)